1981 – Neodimia

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1981 is an argentinian artist from Concepción del Uruguay, Province from Entre Ri­os, with an early approach to the musical arts as bass player and experimenting with guitars, keys and percussions. Composing pieces and using an old recorder. In 2004 he started to explore electronic based production. Neodimia derives of this period. An instrumental album with lost words. With the names of the themes we can deduce some concepts: isolation, melancholy, ansiety, plenitude, calm, passion. The metaphoric image of a planet with a eternal autumn, where the mind gives wandering steps, making stops in some short emotions and in the far away memories that talk about reality, this is, maybe, the imaginary sugestion for neodimia.

Originally released by Dice Discos, Argentina.

Radio and podcasts: Syndae 248, Boulimique de musique, netwaves

Review: Música Selection, el humo está en el foco, Indiehoy, Los InRockuptibles

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  1. Saludos BC, desde Colombia les enviamos felicitaciones y queremos que esta creación sonora sea escuchada muchas veces, sentimos nuevas atmosferas y agradables melodías.

    Bendiciones a 1981

    Sus sonidos saben a luz.


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