horiso – he and other both creatures

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In the long tradition of polish jazz we can find a lot of singularities but nobody like horiso, composer, programmer, multiinstrumentalist, technician and now singer, he recreate the conception of words like art and improvisation. He and Other Both Creatures represent a step beyond into the journey of a man and his trumpet, horiso is surprising one time and again. Breathe proudly to presents this original digital edition, including quality sound files, artwork, lyrics and other information. Support your artists sharing their work entire.


Radio & Podcast:Intangible23 #272, #283, #287 @diffuser.net Podcast no.4, NaLegalu.com #3 – Alice in Jazzland, #9 – Lazy Robots, #62 Back from the grave, #68 Summer Rain

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  1. daniel

    Amazing … one of my favorite jazz albums in a very long time…
    Thank You !!!

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