In Vitro – Phantastico Dogma Remixes

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¿Cuix amo nican nica nimonantzin ¿Cuix amo nocehuallotitlan, necauhyotitlan in tica? ¿Cuix amo nehuatl in nimopaccayeliz? ¿Cuix amo nocuixanco nomamalhuazco in tica? ¿Cuix oc itla in motech monequi? All original songs by Quetzal Contla a.k.a. In Vitro Phantastico Dogma [kreislauf028] an ep published by Kreislauf Organization in 2007. Ya no un Yo sino un Nosotros is a rework of La Decadencia, el Yo. released in the same ep. Artists involved: Lezet, horiso, Phasen, Vela and Frallar.

Review: Radio Horyzont, Intangible 23 Lo Mejor de 2010 Recopilatorios y Remezclas, Millerindub’s Best Creative Commons Music Moments 2010

Radio & Podcasts: Klangboot Radio #021, Intangible 23 #132, Dub Székház Radio Show #84, Pertin-nce show vol 017

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