Ivan Black – Aural Sketchings

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Twenty-three works of ambient doodling’s, short soundscapes, or possible soundtracks. The idea behind the project was to allow artists, film directors or animators to use them with their work. If I get mentioned in the project for providing the music. Allowing the works to work with or inspire other works. It would be great to build on this idea so groups of artists are working together on small projects all over the world, sharing ideas and concepts together.

Radio and podcasts: frei² Late Summer,

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  1. Thank you so much for freely offering this music so freely. I found the first piece I heard, “Evening fall” to be totally self-sufficient without visuals or re-mixing. For me, it conjured a sonic universe hinting at but just beyond conventional musical elements. Much looking forward to listening to the rest.

  2. David Gordon, aka OneAmbient4

    Your music has always been inspiring to me, along with all your positive inputs and comments on my productions. As always, thank you for all your input and hard work that you do in your album productions. We, as amateur producers, need to share and learn from one another in order to succeed with wonderful music. This is a start…..thank you!

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