Ivan Black – The Image Has Cracked

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An album of soundscapes influenced by the way our political world is now showing the holes we all knew there before. Politicians being corrupt, not looking after or supporting their people but just out for their own gain.

Drips – How the information eventually leaks out to us.

Tugging At The Heart Strings – How they use our emotions for their own gains.

Impossible Object 1 – Using ideas to baffle people about what they are actually doing.

Stretching Metals – Pulling factions of society apart and using blame.

The Image Has Cracked – Finally we see them for what they really are.

Forget About me – This is what they all seem to do once in power.

Reviews: Bliss Free

Radio and Podcasts: Syndae 326

Nominations: Preselectioned to Schallwelle Award 2015. International Artist. International Album.

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