By Breathe • • 27 Dec 2016

Slow Time by Lingua Lustra, included in the list of notable netlabel releases of 2016 by Vuzh Music

V.A. – Codex Internum review on Recent Music Heroes

Phantom Circuit #183 with Marasma Zibra on program

Codex Internum compilation reviewed on Rockerilla Nov. 2016 netlabel section

Music of Breathe on XtraChill podcasts

Stranger Than Paradise 095 presents tracks from Weltanschauung compilation

Breathe compilations tracks selected for netlabel essentials 2: Netlabel Day 2016

Weltanschauung compilation recommended on Clubbingspain

Several releases of Breathe in the playlists of syndae

Capisconne featured on Jazzolovka Top 10

Feedback Monitor webcast plays Ivan Black music

Playlist of Breathe Compilations on Youtube

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