V.A. – Ayra

By Breathe • Compilations


From aeras, ayra; meaning wind, breeze, aura. In this compilation: Glenn Sogge, Atrio Serenade, Lingua Lustra, In Vitro and Inés Liedo, Boson Spin, Ivan Black, Twin Peetz, Capisconne, Moolsaasa, Eckul feat. La Marée, DDO, Doublereflect, Portchistot, Bicho Raro, Ohuican, mrscientificterms, Theo Nugraha, Ovni Noir, TSS Tortue Super Sonic.

Radio and podcasts: Dub Explorations 024, Twin Peetz: Microscopic 035, El cant de la xitxarra, Altered State The LION 90.7fm, netwaves 403, XtraChill 255, mr. sideburns – hello strange podcast #255

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2 Responses

  1. Ivan Black

    May i just say that this is stunning work from everyone involved 🙂

  2. Agree totally with Ivan – superb tunes from all involved in this project (and a real pleasure to be a part of this project) 🙂

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