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Breathe 01 is the first of a series of compilation albums spotlighting independent artists in the ambient, IDM and electronic genres. There are 24 artists and over 2 hours of soundscapes. The atmosphere is generally on the dark side, introvert and meditative although you can almost detect a danceable pulse in some of these tracks. I didn’t find any one tune that really knocked me over but, having listened to the entire album non-stop, I could detect a resulting altered state somewheres between a hot bath and a night in a haunted mansion. This is musical acupuncture for your head. – Free Albums Galore

Includes music by ZeniX, Renzo, Dimitris, cHMa, Aerotrio, Astral Navegations, Héctor Zarate, Vate, Ray Garrido, Phasen, Mosaique, Hippopotamus Logic, YsiK, Logical Disorder, In Vitro, Frallar, Sound Sculpture Project, John Chrysikos, Notker Sesma, Bitplasma Division, CrepusculaR, Bleupulp, Membrana and Gelier Jonathan.

Reviews: Free Albums Galore, Oír para creer, PerlssDj

Radio & Podcasts: So the wind /-19, Ouèbe Musique, Mixotic 176, Cuts & Mouse 58

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