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The compilation involves 19 artists with different styles from ambient to IDM to make us join for almost two hours with their sonorous anxietyes. Despite the differences between the different musicians, the final result is very interesting, I’ve listened it yesterday evening and I’ve felt good after that, again,  Breathe shows another good compilation for the electronica lovers. Pleased to listen it, I’ve thought it’s a cool reference to share today. – PerlssDj

Includes music by Sound Sculpture Project, Audiodump, Oxygene, Phasen vs. Noy-Z, Vate, DDO, Logical Disorder, The Ssss, 33Canales, Uzziel, cHMa, From Twilight till Dawn, Kill the TV, Big Ben, Dimitris, ZeniX, Aerotrio, Frallar and Tanox.

Reviews: Oír para creer, PerlssDj, Metawelle

Radio & Podcasts: Idyllic Music 129, Aqual(o)unge 3, Popmoderne Free Music Edition #17, A Quantum Autumn SunOuèbe MusiqueFreeQuency, So the wind /-21, Radio TroUBle 165

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