V.A. – Breathe 04

By Breathe • Compilations



After months of work and patience, the next volume of Breathe compilations is here. This is a box full of surprises and excellent music.

Music by 1981, Ray Garrido, ZeniX, Transmission 13 remixed by Vela, Todo Me Suena Bonito remixed by Bitplasma in Dub, MAKAC, DDO, djrefugeeSW, Phasen, Bobby Wotnot, Capisconne, echo_logic, Sound Sculpture Project, PerlssDj, Logical Disorder, Vate, TSS Tortue Super Sonic, The Low Sun, dfader, Cephlon, Minimal States, Heinali and Gelier Jonathan reworked by In Vitro

Radio & Podcasts: Mixotic 203, 641st « Le Vestibule », Monthly Netlabel Music Selection – 200909, Expand Your Musical Horizons 53, Klangboot Radio Podcast #15, Aqual(o)unge 5, Wavesound 290, Intangible 23 #574, melyvarazs no.174

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