V.A. – Breathe 06

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New hand picked collection with music of some of our more representative artists and a couple of new amazing comers. Breathe 06 as sampler is more solid than ever and brings to you an excellent vision of our label project.

Music by Ohuican / Jaguar Nahuatl, Nahuatl Sound System, Capisconne, Ray Garrido, Bobby Wotnot, Vela, PerlssDj, Invector, TSS Tortue Super sonic, Nulix, 1981, Dimitris, ArnAck and Transmission 13 remixed by Ivan Black.

Reviews: Música Selection, CC2 Pensamiento Libre Cap.14, Netlabels & News, Oír para creer, VKRS, Radio HoryzontRecent Music Heroes

Radio & Podcasts: Cambios Radicales – [Esp_009], Intangible 23 #352 and #574, FFT 2.25, Ouèbe Musique, Incentive Podcast 003, Expand Your Musical Horizons – 85

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4 Responses

  1. davidoc6

    Buenísimo! Felicidades y gracias por tanto Breathe!

  2. Ray

    Larga vida a BREATHE….

  3. ESAESS! Gran disco. Un honor ser parte. Adelante BREATHE

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