V.A. – Conspiratio

By Breathe • Compilations


Breathe retakes his series of eclectic compilations, imprint of the house. Conspiratio is co-inspiration, co-respiratio. A gathering of diverse sonorous personalities. The conspiration of new and well know faces. With music of Fire to the Stars, Zoran, Vela, 1981, Vate, gip, TrianguliZona, In Vitro, Ray Garrido, Eckul, Nathan Jo, Automatic Peacock. Let it go at your own risk.

Radio and podcasts: Machtdose March 2015, núvol de fum 108, Netwaves 328, 329, StartTheTapes #039, Breitband, Intangible23 #699, #700, #716, After the After 76, Stranger Than Paradise 156

Reviews: Radio Horyzont

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  1. Gracias por la oportunidad! Breathe Compilations forever! 🙂

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