V.A. – Exhala

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Second of our Fifth Anniversary compilations is here, no further words are needed to hear the music of this volume. All our love and passion for music is embodied here, join Sound Sculpture Project, Eckul, DDO, gip, Esoteric Sob, Vela, Triangular, Dimitris, djozr, Lingua Lustra, Substak and aAirial.
Special thanks to Dimitris Diavatis and Millerindub.

Review: groove loves melody, Oír para creer, Música Selection, [tn]

Radio and podcast: Ouèbe Musique 30 juin, Marca Branca 4.53, Syndae 223, DBSPOD047, bad comfort netaudio mix, Late Frost #2

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4 Responses

  1. Ivan Black

    My compliments to all the artist on here a wonderful album of great music and art



    • Wonderful Collection of music, from so many amazing artists, such a pleasure to be among so many great musicians here, and all possible due to Quetzel’s hard work in running this amazing label!

      See you again…


  2. SiNE

    Fantastic compilation. I love track 2!

  3. Dimitris Diavatis

    Thanks to Quetzal and all the artists believing in free music for supporting and creating such projects.
    Wonderful atmospheres, moods and textures. I also believe the selection and the order the tracks are put plays an important role.
    Diversity, orchestral sounds, melodies and above all good vibes!

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