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Welcome to the first of two parts of Breathe’s Fifth Anniversary compilations, a dream come true thanks to all artists who have participated in this time. As always, our intention is give to listeners quality music of independent producers around the world. All you need is open your mind and ears. In this volume you can find new music by Invector, Ohuican, In Vitro, Nathan Jo, Ray Garrido, Nulix, Frallar, ArnAck, TSS Tortue Super Sonic, AxBx, Vate, djrefugeeSW, Lomz & Lezet, Transmission 13 and Ivan Black.
Support freedom, support Bradley Manning. Alberto Patishtán Gómez is free now.

Reviews: Oír para creer, Música Selection, Groove Loves Melody, [tn]

Podcasts and mixes: Syndae 223, FFT 4.1, I’m not my thoughts

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11 Responses

  1. Ivan Black

    Thank you so much for including me with such wonderful artists and thank you again to the wonderful team at Breathe

    Ivan 🙂

  2. ArnAck

    Just Great! Just thanks! Just proud to be on BREATHE COMPILATIONS!

  3. Pablo

    Fantastic compilation, lots of talent!

  4. glad I checked this out,FANTASTIC*.*

  5. manuel

    sounds excellent!

  6. many thanks quetzal for your invitation to be a part of your excellent 5th anniversary album. best of luck for the next five years!

  7. Ray

    Otra gran pieza, saludos a todos los participantes!!!! y gracias a Breathe por difundir la música libre e independiente.

  8. Ole! ¡A compartir!

  9. Pio

    Saludos Breathe Compilations, he seguido su música desde su comienzo y he disfrutado de todos sus sonidos.

    Dios bendiga su música y a todos sus músicos.

    Paz a todos.

  10. Dimitris Diavatis

    Quetzal, thank you for making this happen, and your continued work and devotion. 🙂 I wish, that the next five years get even more better.. Keep it up!!

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