V.A. – Oír cosas nunca vistas

By Breathe • Compilations


Hear things never seen. A collection of eclectic music to travel to unexplored universes.
With music by Doublereflect, Ethereal Music, getdizzzy, Ivan Black, Nulix ft. Mario L., Boson Spin, Lezet, STREPITVSITVS, DDO, unaporte, Portchistot, Transmission 13, Marco Lucchi, Frallar, Triangular, Capisconne, El Wud.

Radio and podcasts: L’Aérospatial, El cant de la xitxarra, netwaves 407, 406, Jazzolovka 19 10 2017, EKKOcast#00008 by Substak, Syndae 406, 408

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  1. Thank you so much for using my drawing for this compilation.

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