V.A. – The Path

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The Path is a collective work based on a drone by Marco Lucchi. The various artists have contributed a personal interpretation of it, creating a kaleidoscope of materials, sounds and shapes.
In this compilation: Marco Lucchi, Glenn Sogge, Walter Fini, Max Scordamaglia, Chris Lane, Filippo Panichi, Antonio de Braga, VictorYbril, Greg Hooper, Entangled Quantum, Philippe Neau, Jeff Gburek, Mean Flow, Vince Sangiorgio, lighthillvision, SpectrumShift, Samora, Res B., Adern X, {AN} Eel, mrscientificterms, In Vitro, M.Nomized, Astro Faros, Enten Hitti, Gaetano Fontanazza, NOx, P è n i n s o l a r, Sisto Palombella, Bicho Raro, Oystein Jorgensen.
Cover photo South Limburg by Paul den Hollander.
A project by Marco Lucchi.

Radio and podcasts: Syndae 374, A Duck in a Tree | Downscaling the Upsizing, Commons 8

Reviews: Rockerilla netlabel section Mar. 17

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3 Responses

  1. Walter Fini

    Thanks to Marco Lucchi and all artist involved in this Cosmic Journey. Proud too be in !

  2. Alberto

    grazie 🙂

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