V.A. – Weltanschauung

By Breathe • Compilations



Music speaks for itself, but, at the same time, music talks about all life and experiences of their creators, the musicians, in this way, music is the expression of a whole new universe, their synthesized cosmovision. You are invited to immerse in the ocean of each human and real artist of this compilation and preserve the enjoy of listening. With themes of aAirial, Alacrán, Andrea Porcu, Audio Cephlon, AxBx, Capisconne, David Garner feat. Monolink Project, Eckul, Elypixa, In Vitro, Ivan Black, K.smith & Dio2xide, Lingua Lustra, Logical Disorder, Marasma Zibra, Marco Lucchi, Mendiak, Nick R 61, Nulix, Ohuican, Ray Garrido, Solef, Substak, Transmission 13, Triangular, Vate, Vela, Wenceslada.

Radio and Podcasts: Jazzolovka, Syndae 339, 343, netwaves 364, 366, 367, Stranger Than Paradise 095, XtraChill 232, Phantom Circuit 183,192, El cant de la xitxarra Breathe, Parachute #151

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  1. aAirial – very nice!

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